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Stupendous Dog

Joint Care Strip

Joint Care Strip

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Restores Joint and Cartilage Health.

Increases Mobility.



- Propolis

- Spirulina

- Sage

- Calcium

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How to Administer

Attach directly to the dog's palate (roof of the mouth) or dissolve 1 strip in 8 ounces of slightly warm water (90°F-100°F) for drinking. Apply one strip daily for small dogs and up to two per day for larger dogs.

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Stupendous Dog ODF - How They Work

The Stupendous Dog ODF (Oral Dissolution Film) Strips dissolve quickly in the dog's mouth, bypassing the digestive system for immediate and full absorption of the active ingredients. Unlike pills, tablets, or chewable supplements, which lose a significant portion of their potency as they pass through the digestive system, ODF Strips ensure the full and quick efficacy of their supportive ingredients for your dog.

The results of the test indicate that the ODF strip has an absorption rate almost two times higher than in tablet form.